Not Just One Socket: A Review Of The LUXA2 P1 7000mAh Portable Charger

The LUXA2 P1 7000mAh Portable Charger – 1500 km hitchhiking, 5 countries, 15 days, 3 people who want to charge the gadget – these are the conditions under which the LUXA2 P1 7000 mAh charger has been tested

A modern smartphone is like a breastfeeding baby a few months old: it may need to replenish its energy reserves in the most unexpected place, at the most inconvenient time. And it often happens that you can’t refuse it under any circumstances: you have to make an urgent call or answer your business mail, or whatever. In general, a charged phone is absolutely necessary.

In such cases, portable chargers, or Universal Mobile Batteries (UMB), or external batteries – as they are not called, can come to the rescue. Readers of gg have already had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with a review of a similar device prepared by our colleagues at Technopark – Drobak AP-13200B. And in this review we will talk about his colleague, also from Taiwan, – LUXA2 P1 7000 mAh.


Terms of use

LUXA2 P1 7000mAh presented itself to me just as I was planning a two week hitchhiking trip through Europe and I was tormented by the question of choosing gadgets for the road: for this and with the benefit of gg, and that they were stubborn and compact, and most importantly – necessary for the journey.

At the same time, I was thinking about how to take the minimum amount of things with me. For example, which phone is better to take with you: a push-button rarity, the advantages of which, in addition to indestructibility, include good battery life, and the disadvantages include a modest range of responsibilities.

Or the Android glutton, who at least once a day will have to look for an outlet for the bait, but you can get much more benefit from it. In particular, maps of cities and roads, regular communication with relatives Skype and other small pleasures in the form of useful applications for the traveler which unload the smartphone at the same time.

So the portable charger put an end to the doubts, but sparked an argument with my companion over how often we will actually need a UMB.After all, a civilization with the theoretical possibility of getting to the outlet had to be present. every day on the road to life. But I was sure that at least my smartphone and my forgetfulness like to fail in the most unexpected moments.



The model name – P1 7000 mAh – clearly hints at the capacity of the device. With rough estimates, its capacities are sufficient for four to five smartphone charges with an average battery capacity. Depending on how the owner actively uses all of its functions and the capacity of the mobile device’s battery, paired with this portable charger, the smartphone can last anywhere from four days to a whole week away from the outlet. In fact, during testing I received roughly the same result, which will be discussed a bit further.

LUXA2 P1 7000mAh is suitable for Apple portable devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod), Android smartphones and tablets, wireless headsets and other equipment ready to be charged via USB port.


Capacity 7000 mAh
Dimensions 112x73x17 mm
Weight 183 grams
Equipment IPhone / iPad / iPod cable, micro-USB cable, case

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