IPad Games: Shufflepuck Cantina | Preview 2021

Shufflepuck Cantina – Agharta Studio, who worked diligently on the 1112 series of adventure games made a name for themselves in the App Store, suddenly decided to switch formats and made a sort of version of the air hockey slot machine. .

If you’ve watched Star Wars (or played one of the many games based on it), then you know that the cantina are the local pubs, where various types of suspicious aliens congregate and drink exotic drinks on one. fun music. It is in such a place that the unfortunate astronaut of the Earth falls. His ship crashes on a desert planet (who said Tatooine?), And the local aboriginal immediately takes the guest to his favorite establishment.

The jokes about Grandpa Lucas’ fairy tale are noticeable in everything from the characters to the soundtrack. So if you like Star Wars then the humorous idea of ​​Agharta Studio will be appreciated. The main difference from the original is that regulars at the local cantina are simply obsessed with air hockey.

Each visitor can be fought in three modes: duel (normal game up to five points), duel with rates (who wins and when) and survival game – until the first puck is popped. To win, you get the money you need to upgrade to the new cantina floors, to unlock various bonuses and decorations for the game table, and even to read text episodes of character biographies.

Usually you have to pay for everything. Shufflepuck Cantina is a freemium product. They give it away for free, but the monetization attempts are very aggressive. It is good that every now and then you receive special chips for the slot machine, which is controlled by a miniature Chewbacca. There you can earn money, although it is also easy to lose it for crumbs.

But at first you don’t care, but just click your tongue in surprise at the sight of local 3D. Shufflepuck Cantina looks very cool – cool characters, great smooth animation, nice effects. A beautiful view! Of all the air hockey simulators, this one is perhaps the most spectacular. True, and the most difficult.

I’m not complaining about a bad reaction, but it felt like it was very difficult to win against computer opponents here. They love to do lightning serves, and on top of that, each hero has a special sneaky turn, after which the puck changes course dramatically. Even in matches with the robot bartender – and he’s the easiest opponent here – it wasn’t easy.

At the same time, the AI ​​doesn’t know how to hit the puck after many rebounds. In other words, if you don’t run it in a straight line, but in zigzags (so that the puck hits the sides as often as possible), you will surely score a goal. So it turns out that it is difficult to win with an “ordinary” game and that you have to constantly use a hole in the AI ​​algorithms. Well, or even spend the money on buying all kinds of ancillary bonuses.

Of course, this balance is frustrating. Still, if you’re into air hockey, try Shufflepuck Cantina for sure. Perhaps its relatively high complexity will suit you perfectly. And on top of that, there’s local multiplayer – for some, that fact alone will be enough to pay attention to the game.

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