Trials Rising Review: Tricks, Hardcore And Great Music

Powered by the MOYO online storeOn February 26, 2019, the Finnish studio RedLynx, with the support of the developers of Ubisoft Kiev, presented a new part of the Trials series called Trials Rising. Actually this is the same crazy arcade motorcycle simulator with simple but picky actions on player actions, motorcycle physics. The novelty has also received a number of new features, which we will discuss in this review.

The basis of the Trials series has not changed for 20 years, since the release of the first browser game in 2000: on 2.5D maps, the player rides an ugly bike, rushes through all the obstacles invented by the creators and tries to reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

Trials Rising does well with graphics and imagination. The game has been released on almost all popular platforms (Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4) and produces a nice, undemanding modern image with lots of detail. Although in my version on PS4, sometimes small friezes were observed, and the “backdrops” of some places were drawn with a delay.

Trials Rising brought a world map and hundreds of levels from different parts of the world. There’s Pripyat, Hollywood, Paris, the Chinese Wall, Siberia and many more fascinating places where it’s easy to get distracted and get off the bike for the hundredth time. It’s all played out on a vigorous playlist, where there is rock and metal, and other hits from fashion trends.

Local races are a thematic set of tracks which are divided by region. After passing them, the final race opens in a large stadium, where the races do not take place alone, but with local AI. There is nothing difficult about such tracks, but even seasoned players will hardly be able to drive normally on the first try.

As for the total, it is uneven in Trials Rising. The first two levels of the project don’t seem difficult. Addictive – of course. Fun – definitely, but not hardcore, which of course you would expect from games in this series. In other words, it is possible to drive the tracks for bronze or silver even the first time. But you have to try hard for gold. But then the complexity of the game increases considerably, and the new levels rise slowly, and the opening of the tracks depends on it.

Each subsequent region of the world map with a new race pack and the final competition opens as the player level increases. And the player earns points for them on the same tracks for a new passing time and increased difficulty of the races. But above all, they are given for the implementation of sponsorship contracts.

And if at first they require mundane things, the tasks get progressively more complicated and in the end turn into wild hardcore, where you have to move on the rear wheel, climb steep walls, skilfully jump on moving objects – in short. , classic gameplay from the Trials series in action. Only someone gets nervous because of it and breaks the gamepads, while someone loves and enjoys new challenges. That is why there is nothing to do for the first here, and for the second Trials Rising has prepared many interesting surprises.

In addition to the abundance of tracks in the pseudo-story mode, Trials Rising offers multiplayer maps for 8 people (sometimes the queue fills up instantly, and sometimes you have to wait up to five minutes), some three races funky fun and a powerful, yet very easy to learn map editor. Trying out all the available modes is a must, but the game’s local levels are more than enough to keep you busy for the next couple of weeks and honing your motorcycle skills.

For those looking to perfect it, Trials Rising offers step-by-step tutorials. Here they teach all the secrets of driving and do it with the help of videos and test drives. I don’t recommend skipping this part of the content – all the techniques available will definitely come in handy in a difficult passage.

Trials Rising will also delight decoration enthusiasts. Literally for every new level, record or successful race, the game hands out a loot box with cosmetic goodies: stickers for motorcycles, new types of wheels, tires and racing suits. There is also a store here, but you can only give away the same cosmetics or ready-made clothes from other users. You will not be able to purchase in-game perks for cash.

Trials Rising is a powerful and modern motorcycle arcade created by trusted developers. The game received decent graphics, a hundred maps, an abundance of modes, and detailed customization of a character with a bicycle. All gamers will be delighted with the coolest playlist, and seasoned fans will enjoy the really tough tracks.

The downsides include periodic, but light freezes, poor texture loading at some levels (on PS4), and increased difficulty. Therefore, the first part of the game will be easy even for dummies, but in the end only the most persistent will remain, they are new fans and old connoisseurs of the genre.

Fear of wolves
Kind Racing, Arcade, Platform
Platform PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch
Numbers of players up to 8
Developer RedLynx, Ubisoft Kiev
Editor Ubisoft
Location Subtitles
release date Feb. 26, 2019

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